The Fellowship in Primary Spine Care [PSC] consists of 26 courses, which the applicant has up to two years to complete. The following graph outlines the course's curriculum. Courses previously taken by the applicant that satisfy any of the required courses will be "grandfathered" and not need to be re-taken. Any similar courses will be considered by the advisory board individually. Oversight is through The State University of New York at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Office of Continuing Education and Cleveland University Kansas City, College of Chiropractic, Department of Post-Doctoral Education. Competency is verified through 112 examinations within the  26 courses, with a minimum passing score of 80%. 

The entire program is virtual with direct access to professors. A goal of the program is to provide dialogue when needed with specialists in their respective specialties to ensure a thorough learning experience. 

Before starting the program, the candidate must submit an essay of up to 600 words on your goals and what you plan to achieve from the Fellowship. Upon completing the course, you must write an essay of up to 1000 words on your outcome assessment of what you learned from the program and how it impacted your ability to diagnose, prognose, and create treatment plans. There is also an exit examination with a passing score of 80%. 

Course Name    Hours
Personal Injury Bootcamp - Triaging the Trauma Patient  9
MRI Spine Interpretation Basics      3
MRI Spine Credentialing            25
Spinal Biomechanical Engineering    16
Spinal Trauma Pathology                9
Spinal Disc & Ligament Neurology    7
Evaluation and Management            10
Diagnosis                          3
Documentation Made Easy                                                3
Medical-Legal Insurance Documentation Colossus to the Courtroom        3
Impairment Rating                                                2
Orthopedic Testing                                          9
Concussion: TBI-mTBI-PTSD Testing                          10
EDX: EMG/NCV Interpretation                              10
Interprofessional Hospital-Based Spine Care                2
Stroke Anatomy & Evaluation for Chiropractors and Manual Medicine Specialists        10
MRI Clinical Grand Rounds                            20
Case Management, Spinal MRI & Documentation      15
Extremity MRI & X-Ray Interpretation                  27
Pathobiomechanics & Documentation                  8
Primary Spine Care 9 - Chiropractic as 1st Option for Spine, A Literature-Based Standard      12
Primary Spine Care 10 - Chiropractic Spine Management                                            12
Primary Spine Care 11 - Coding, Documentation, MRI & Digitizing                                  12
Primary Spine Care 12 - Case Management and Documentation                                        20
Primary Spine Care 13 - Clinical Biomechanics and Demonstrative Documentation            20
Primary Spine Care 14 - Case Management and Documentation Online                          15
Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology                                                                                        40
Mini-Fellowship in MSK Radiology                                                                                    40